Pub Site Support Knowledgebase (Beta)

Integrating Google Analytics with Your Pub Site Website

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Follow these instructions to add Google Analytics to your Pub Site website. Google Analytics allows you to monitor traffic to your website.

The Gmail Side of Things

Log in to, or create, a Gmail account. Once you have created your account or logged in to an existing account, head over the Google Analytics signup page to get started; Follow the prompts and instructions to set up your Google Analytics account and website property. Once you have finished setting up your Analytics account, switch over to your Pub Site account to integrate your Analytics.

The Pub Site Side of Things

First, log in to your Pub Site account. Click on the Website tab in the Admin menu, then click on the Marketing tab in the submenu. In the Google Analytics section, there will be a green button: "Link a new Google Account." Click on this button.

A new window will pop open listing your Gmail Account options. Click on the Gmail account you set up your Google Analytics with, the account you were just previously logged in to or created.

Next, the window will say: Pub Site wants to access your Google Account. Click Allow. The window will then give you a long piece of code consisting of letters and numbers. Copy this code to your clipboard.

Go back to the Pub Site page. Paste the code into the Google Analytics Account field and click the green button "Save Authorization." Go back to the Google Analytics Account field and select your Gmail account in the drop-down menu. Make sure to save settings.

To view your Google Analytics, go to the Website tab in the Admin menu, and the Analytics tab in the submenu. Doing this will take you to your Google Analytics page on your Pub Site, and it will display your Analytics.