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How-to Videos

The first video is an overview of Pub Site features and how to use them. The subsequent videos go into more depth on each feature: Design & Customization, Authors, Books & Other Products, Pages & Navigation, Using Your Own Domain Name, and Ecommerce.

***You can watch the videos here or on YouTube. In either case, once you start viewing them you can click on the small box at the very lower right to view full screen if you prefer.

1. Pub Site Introduction: Getting Started

2. Pub Site: Design & Customization

3. Pub Site: Adding & Editing Authors

4. Pub Site: Adding & Editing Books and Other Products

5. Pub Site: Pages & Navigation

6. Pub Site: How to Use Your Own Domain Name

7. Pub Site: Add Purchase Links to Your Homepage

8. Pub Site: Add Graphics and Photos to Your Page

9. Pub Site: Add a PDF to Your Page