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Adding Your Blog to Your Amazon Author Profile via RSS

Go to author central and populate your Amazon Author page with a photo, bio, and blog. You can claim editing privileges on this page by registering with Amazon’s Author Central program: This page is tied to your personal Amazon login.

Once you are on your profile page, click add blog
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Creating Blog URLs

When you publish a blog post, you will need to have an associated permalink. To create a permalink, go to the admin section of your blog post. Then click "Search Engine Optimization" in the submenu.
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How to import your Wordpress blog posts into your website

If you have a WordPress site/blog you can export the blog posts from WordPress and import them into your Pub Site website. Here are the steps to do this: For instructions on how to export your WordPress blogs read here. In your Pub Site Admin, select the Authors tab, then to the right of the author select Edit Blog. On the top right you will see an import your Wordpress blogs button. Select that and upload the file. 
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Introduction to Using the Blog Feature

Blogs are under the Authors tab, which allows multiple authors to have their blog on one site. First, click on the Authors tab in the menu bar, then the green "Edit Blog" button to the far right of the author name. Click on the blue "Add Blog Article" button on the right side of the submenu.
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Tips for Posting Blogs

When creating a blog post, there are two boxes for text. The first box, Article Intro, should include a short descriptive paragraph or the beginning of the full blog. The second box, Full Article, should be the blog article. On your site's blog page, the Article Intros will display with a "Read More" button that leads to the Full Article. 
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