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Adding Author Appearances

With Pub Site, it is easy to add author appearances to your website. Once you enter yourself as an author,

  1. Click on the Authors tab in the menu bar
  2. Click on the small pencil to the right of the author name
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File types you should use: (jpg/jpeg, gif, and png)

The key thing to keep in mind about image file types is that whenever possible use JPG instead of PNG. Even if you create an image in PNG, save it as a JPG before using it on a website when it’s a larger graphic. You can always go back to the original png to make changes. PNGs can be multiple times the file size of the same image as a jpg. This is particularly important when doing large banner graphics.
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Header Dimensions

We suggest using header dimensions that are between 2000-2500 pixels wide by 150-500 pixels for height.
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How to Create a Placeholder Menu Button

Go to Pages & Navigation tab in the admin menu. Click on the blue "Add New Page" button in the submenu. 

Name it whatever you want the menu button to say. Select "Link to File or External Website." Put "#" in the Link box. Click on Add Page; then Save Changes.
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How to Link to a File or Another Website

Using this method you can link to a web page on your site or another, or offer a file, such as a PDF (.pdf) to view or make downloadable.

Enter the text you want to use, like XYZ Podcast, highlight the text, then click on the link icon in the edit bar:

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Paste Without Formatting

Often word processing programs like MS Word, and other websites, have formatting accompanying the text that is in the background that you cannot see. But when you copy and paste this text onto your Pub Site website, this formatting may cause the text to appear different and override your Pub Site default formatting, making some pages, or parts of pages, appear with different fonts sizes, spacing, etc. To paste text without formatting from a word processing program or another website, follow these tips.
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Remove a page

Some pages cannot be deleted because they are associated with dynamic functionality that your website may rely on. If you do not want these pages to display anywhere on your site, simply drag those pages to the 'Not Included in Navigation' area of the Pages & Navigation interface.
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Sidebar Instructions

Here you should enter a short description of this product. The information entered here will display on the product catalog page and the top of the product detail page.
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Using the Photo Gallery Feature

To create a gallery, go to Pages & Navigation in Admin. Click on "Add New Page" at the top right. Name the page and select Photo Gallery from the Type dropdown menu. 
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