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Adding an Embedded Video

To add a video to your website, you should upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo first. Here's why:

  • They automatically do any resizing or conversion you need
  • It makes it easier to add it to your website
  • There is greater discoverability —  more people may find you

Follow these instructions to add a Youtube video to your Pub Site website. 
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How to Add Audio Files (mp3s)

There are two easy ways of doing it. Both require delving into the page HTML. On any page, click edit, then click on the "Source" button at the top left. Find where you want it on the page and paste it in. An easy way to find where you want it is to put in a bunch of Xs while in regular edit view, then click on Source and you can easily find the XXXXX you entered. Replace the Xs with the embed code.
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