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Ecommerce Shipping Options

There are two options for setting shipping costs for a book:

— set it per book in the book’s profile

— or set it globally for all books on the site

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Ecommerce Test Mode

While your store is in Test Mode any purchases that are processed will not be sent to the payment gateway. This lets you test your customer’s experience and see what it will be like to receive orders without waiting for your first customer.
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Sending a Shipping Message with Pub Site

Once you have shipped the book/product, go into the order (In Admin, click on Ecommerce, then Orders) and check both boxes and then click on Update Order at the bottom. An email will be sent to the email address given by the purchaser.
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Setting up Ecommerce on your website

Pub Site offers the option to sell directly from your site with built in Ecommerce at no extra cost. You will need to have a payment processor like PayPal, and Pub Site makes it very easy to connect PayPal to your site to accept payments via PayPal or credit cards.

First, in the Ecommerce tab make sure to uncheck the box to allow payments. By default, that box is checked so ecommerce is turned off.
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Using PayPal with Pub Site

You can easily add ecommerce to a Pub Site website. Go to the ecommerce tab and uncheck the first checkbox. There are two types, the Standard free account and the Pro paid account. The difference is that with the Pro account the entire transaction takes place on your website, whereas with the Standard when you go to pay you are taken to the PayPal website. In both cases customers can pay using PayPal or by credit card. To set up, select Accept Credit Cards from the from the Checkout submenu.
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