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Adding a Book with Multiple Formats

If you have a book with multiple formats, take these steps to display formats on a single book page.
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Adding a New Page to your Pub Site Website

Follow these instructions to learn how to add a new page to your Pub Site website. In Admin, go to Pages & Navigation. You’ll see two sections for pages options. In “Main Navigation Menu” on the left, you can see the pages that are on your website. In “Not Included in Navigation Menu” on the right, you’ll see a list of pre-designed page options for you to choose from. You can either choose from this list or create a new page to add to your website. In this article, we will teach you how to do both.
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Adding Bookseller Buttons

You can add the bookseller buttons for a book by going Titles/Products, selecting the Book, and going to the Purchase Links tab. Here, you can copy and paste links of the book page from the book seller's site. 
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Arranging the Order of Books

Books are in descending publication date automatically. There is a way to reorder the books on listing pages. Use this option if you don't want to order your books by publication date.
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Changing the Menu for a One Book Site

If you are only displaying one book on your site, you can change the "Books" tab on your site menu to better suit your needs. By default, the "Books" tab leads to a page displaying all books. If there is only one book on the site, you can change the tab to read "The Book" to take visitors directly to the book page. 
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How to Feature a Book on the Homepage and Sidebar

If you want to showcase a book on the homepage and make it the featured book on your Pub Site website, follow these steps. The book that will automatically appear in the sidebar is the one placed at the number one position in the Featured Products section.

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How to Sell your Book as a Digital E-book

Here are the instructions to set up your book to sell your book as a digital file. 

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Uploading Book Cover Images

To add a book cover image, go to the Titles/Products tab in the admin menu. Find and select the book you would like to add an image. Go to the Images tab in the product menu and click the folder icon (circled below). Make sure you do not select the green "Add Image" button"—that button is for adding additional images. Selecting the folder icon will open up the File Manager.
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