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Adding Author Appearances

With Pub Site, it is easy to add author appearances to your website. Once you enter yourself as an author,

  1. Click on the Authors tab in the menu bar
  2. Click on the small pencil to the right of the author name
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Changing the Page Name and Menu Title

Here are the instructions to change your page name and/or menu title. 
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Create Product Categories

Click on the Product Categories submenu button under Titles/Products.

Create your categories by selecting the "Add Category" button on the top right, then go back to each book and add them to the category, or categories, you want, and then click on Update Product.
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Separate Categories

Please follow these steps to set up separate categories besides books. Most members use this for other items they would like to sell that they do not want on their book pages. 
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Two Author Side-by-Side Home Page Layout

There is a home page layout available that is ideal for two authors where the both authors are featured side-by-side on the home page. To access the available home page layouts...
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Using the Photo Gallery Feature

To create a gallery, go to Pages & Navigation in Admin. Click on "Add New Page" at the top right. Name the page and select Photo Gallery from the Type dropdown menu. 
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