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Activating Your Account

To launch your website, you will need to activate your Pub Site account. You must activate your Pub Site account before you can change the domain name. To do that, log in to your Pub Site website.
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Canceling Your Account

To cancel your Pub Site account, log into your site, click on the Account button to the far right.
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Change Your Payment Method

Please change your payment method by following these directions:
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Credit Card Transactions and Refunds

How can I turn off processing credit card transactions on my site?

How do I provide refunds to my customers?
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Disable Captcha

You can edit or remove the CAPTCHA but not the response question. We have to have at least one of them or your form (and email), and our server, would get overrun by spam.

Here’s where you can remove CAPTCHA:
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How to Change your Admin Password

If you would like to change your password you can go to the Website tab, then the Users (Administrators) tab. 

Click on the email address of the user you want to change.
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Under Construction Mode

You might not want your site accessible to the public just yet. If you enable Under Construction Mode, you and your other Website Admins will be the only people who can see what your store looks like.
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