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Adding an Author

If you would like to add an author to your website, go to the author's tab. At the top right click, + Add Author. 
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Adding Author Appearances

With Pub Site, it is easy to add author appearances to your website. Once you enter yourself as an author,

  1. Click on the Authors tab in the menu bar
  2. Click on the small pencil to the right of the author name
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Adding Author Social Links

You will find the Author Social media links within the Authors tab, then by selecting the pencil icon next to the author.

Once you've selected the pencil icon you will find the social links tab. 
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Adding Your Blog to Your Amazon Author Profile via RSS

Go to author central and populate your Amazon Author page with a photo, bio, and blog. You can claim editing privileges on this page by registering with Amazon’s Author Central program: This page is tied to your personal Amazon login.

Once you are on your profile page, click add blog
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RSS URL for Amazon's Author Central

You can populate your author page on Amazon by adding a photo, bio, blog, etc. You can claim editing privileges to your author page by registering with Amazon’s Author Central program: This page is tied to your personal Amazon login.
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Two Author Side-by-Side Home Page Layout

There is a home page layout available that is ideal for two authors where the both authors are featured side-by-side on the home page. To access the available home page layouts...
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