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Google Analytics / Sitemap Error Messages

Google Analytics / Sitemap Error Messages

Most messages you might receive from Google are normal and not necessarily an indication of a problem.

First of all, you might want to do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your main pages, the ones in your menu, if you haven’t yet. Go to your Pages & Navigation tab in Admin: /admin/site/pages.php, select a page on the left (Home, Author, etc.), then click on the Page Details button below. The bottom section of the box that opens is SEO and is your primary meta tag. It would help if you filled them in. You can find more information about Pub Site SEO on this page

Here are some common messages you might get from Google:

Blocked due to access forbidden (403) - Google is trying to index a page that it shouldn't be indexing. This is usually a file that has programming code that should not be indexed.

Not found (404) - We would have to know which URL is not being found. It may be a URL in your sitemap that no longer exists or has been changed.

Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag - this is similar to the "Blocked due to access forbidden". A ‘noindex' tag is on a page purposely because it should not be indexed.

Page with redirect - there are at least two redirects on your site by default. If someone tries to go to the 'www' version of your website's URL, they will be auto-redirected to the version without it. Likewise, if they try to use the 'http' version instead of the secure 'https' they will be redirected.

Duplicate content - Google may not index duplicate, or very similar, content. If you post Pages or blog posts that have very similar content Google may have decided that they were too similar and therefore did not index them.

Certain blogs not being indexed - it could possibly be that on your /blog page, the short version of the blog is too long, so it appears to be duplicate content with the full blog. Or you have too many blogs that are too similar. Another thing could be if you are posting the blogs elsewhere, on other websites. Google tries not to index duplicate content.

Duplicate without user-selected canonical - that means there are two pages or URLs with the same content. Google will only index the one it determines is the primary one.