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Google Search Console Redirect

Google Search Console Redirect

Identifying and fixing the page that is not indexed due to a redirect in Google Search Console can be done with a few steps. Here’s how you can do it:

Identifying the Page

  1. Log in to Google Search Console:

  2. Go to the Coverage Report:

    • In the left-hand menu, click on Coverage under the Index section.
  3. Check for Redirect Issues:

    • In the Coverage report, look for the section labeled Excluded.
    • Under Excluded, look for entries labeled Page with redirect. This section will show you which pages are excluded from the index due to redirects.
  4. Identify the Specific Page:

    • Click on the Page with redirect item. This will list all the URLs that are being excluded due to redirects.
    • Note the specific URL(s) that are causing the issue.

Fixing the Redirect Issue

  1. Review the Redirect:

    • Check the specific page and see where it is being redirected to.
    • Ensure that the redirect is intentional and correct. If the redirect is unnecessary or incorrect, you will need to update or remove it.
  2. Fix the Redirect:

    • If the redirect is due to a misconfiguration, correct it in your website’s code or in the CMS (Content Management System) settings.
    • If you’re using a server-side redirect (like in an .htaccess file for Apache or server configuration for Nginx), update the redirect rules accordingly.
  3. Verify the Fix:

    • After making changes, use the URL Inspection Tool in Google Search Console to check if the issue is resolved.
    • Enter the URL of the page in the URL Inspection Tool and click Test Live URL to see if Google can now access and index the page.

Checking Indexing of Other Pages

Generally, one page not being indexed due to a redirect should not affect the indexing of other pages on your site. However, it’s always good to check for any other issues that might affect your website’s overall indexing status.

  1. Review the Coverage Report:

    • Ensure that there are no widespread issues or errors affecting multiple pages.
  2. Check Sitemap:

    • Make sure your sitemap is up-to-date and includes all important pages. Submit your sitemap to Google Search Console if you haven’t already.
  3. Regular Monitoring:

    • Regularly monitor Google Search Console for any new issues or errors that might arise.

By identifying the specific page and correcting the redirect issue, you can ensure that your website is fully optimized for indexing by Google.