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How to Find and Add your GoodReads Feed and Review Widget to Pub Site

How to Find and Add Your GoodReads Feed and Review Widget to Pub Site

According to Goodreads help you can find these widgets by "logging in to Goodreads, click on your profile picture, click Account Settings and then select the Widgets tab. Scroll down the page to view the widgets available and follow the instructions to copy the widget code into your blog." 

Once you have received the code you want to use there are a few locations you can paste your Goodreads code. 

1. Sidebar:

To enter your code in the sidebar you will find the Pages and Navigations tab in the menu, find and click "Sidebar Content and Menu" in the submenu. 

You can create a new, blank sidebar widget by selecting the top right button "Add New Widget". Paste your code and save.

Then drag the new widget from the box on the right over to the box to the left and save the changes. 

2. Page

To add the Goodreads code to a page. When you are in the page Editor, click on the “Source” option in the Editor menu to access and view the HTML where you can add HTML and CSS code. The source button will be on the top left of your editing box.

Paste your code and save the changes.

**tip - While you are still in regular text view, locate on the page where you want to place the GoodReads reviews to display and put in XXXXXXX. Then when you click on the Source button you will be able to find the XXXXX and replace it with the code.