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Sidebar Instructions

Sidebar Instructions

First, log in to the administration side of your Pub Site. Then, find the Pages and Navigations tab in the menu, find and click "Sidebar Content and Menu" in the submenu. You can select the information on the left and “edit widget” or drag anything else you want from the box on the right over to the box to the left,

Don’t forget to save!

The other option is, when you are logged into your website and seeing the websites front end (view site side) you will see small editing tabs. You can select those and add text/information there as well.

A tip for adding content to a sidebar widget: 

-- create a new, regular page
-- enter the content and layout
-- switch to the "Source" view
-- copy and paste into a sidebar widget

You can create a new, blank sidebar widget on the Sidebar Content & Menu page if you do not want to use one of the existing widgets.