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Tips for Posting Blogs with Pub Site

Tips for Posting Blogs

When creating a blog post, there are two boxes for text. The first box, Article Intro, should include a short descriptive paragraph or the beginning of the full blog. The second box, Full Article, should be the blog article. On your site's blog page, the Article Intros will display with a "Read More" button that leads to the Full Article. 

To successfully complete the process, first, avoid working on the Search Engine Optimization page. Instead, click on "Insert Blog" at the bottom to save your progress. Once saved, proceed by clicking on the editing icon. Now, you can modify and fill in the Search Engine Optimization page details. Remember, after adding the Article Content, navigate to the Search Engine Optimization tab. Ensure that the Page Title and Permalink fields are properly filled. For help with Permalinks, read; Creating Blog URLs

Adding content to the Description and Keyword fields is recommended, but optional. The Description can be the intro of your blog. For keywords, try adding any words or questions that might be associated with your blog post. However, Do NOT do the Search Engine Optimization page yet. Click on Insert Blog at the bottom to save it. Now click on the little pencil to edit the Search Engine Optimization page and then save again.