Pub Site Support Knowledgebase (Beta)

Using PayPal with Pub Site

You can easily add ecommerce to a Pub Site website. Go to the ecommerce tab and uncheck the first checkbox:

Then you need to have a payment processor. The easiest one to set up with Pub Site is PayPal. You need what they call a business account that can accept credit cards.

There are two types, the Standard free account and the Pro paid account. The difference is that with the Pro account the entire transaction takes place on your website, whereas with the Standard when you go to pay you are taken to the PayPal website. In both cases customers can pay using PayPal or by credit card.

To set up, select Accept Credit Cards from the from the Checkout submenu:

In PayPal, choose your account type, Payments Pro or Standard (Free).

In your PayPal account, go to your Account Settings section. When choosing how PayPal will be set up on your site, select NVP/SOAP API integration (Classic): "Manage API credentials."

Your API credentials will include a Username, API Password, and a Signature which will be a long alphanumeric string.

Then return to your Pub Site Admin and paste in the credentials.

Click Save Settings.