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Using Your Domain Name with Pub Site

For the domain name, you will need to go to your domain name account and make sure the domain name servers are set to “default” or “parked” (for newly registered domain names they should be). Then you’ll need to change the “A” record in the DNS to our IP address, Look for the DNS option for the domain name you want to use. You may also have to click on Advanced or Zone Record, until you are here:

The current value in the “A” record may be another number sequence or it may say “parked.” Once changed, save it, then wait a little bit, like a half hour or so, and then log back into your website and go to the Domain tab under Website, and paste in your domain name like this (using your domain name):

Click the green button and that should do it. If you get an error message, wait another hour and try again. It sometimes takes a while for the records to get updated. Once successful, wait about 5-10 minutes and your website should now be using your domain name.